Title: 雪の華
Artist: 中島美嘉
Album: LØVE
Plays: 2111


Mika Nakashima - Yuki No Hana

Title: 回憶是紅色的天空
Artist: 王菲
Album: 胡思亂想
Plays: 10

'Reminiscence is a Red Sky' - Faye Wong (胡思亂想, 1994)


This is the hill that’s in your dreams of SF. Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. San Francisco, CA

One of the things Jon and I enjoy doing is debunking English (or in some cases, Cornish) myths and fantasies of San Francisco and California. It ranges from the silly (not all streets in SF wind and curve like that segment of Lombard street) to sad (no, I’m afraid I’m not BFFs with the Mythbusters just because I’m from the Bay Area!)  Even though that’d be super cool…


Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works TV anime OP

Kirei Kotomine…!!!!



Why do you have all those cloud babies scattered around your staircase



Hullo all,

J and I need anime recommendations. Here are our criteria:

1. Preferably a series that has been out so we can mass download and steamroll through it.  Saying that, it needs to be moderately easy to find and download because we don’t stream. (No Hulu in the UK peeps.)

2. Needs a strong, diverse cast of characters that we can relate to. (Sorry Aldnoah.zero, we didn’t care about any of you…derp)

3. Not too much angst. Our jobs give us enough angst thanks.

4. Some humour/silliness!

5. No Sailor Moon (right now). We’re cool with them magical gurls though.