Dim Sum forever.


Hello I love FE:A and can’t draw anybody’s weird ass outfits.




The benefits of reading books (infographic) ⇢ http://ebks.to/19RIxBV

Reading. So many good things come from it.

This includes many of the things we included on our 100 Reasons to Read list— and adds a few terrific new ideas!

I would love a poster of this in my classroom!

Submitted my first teaching job application and made a grammatical boo-boo in the email.  (Attached is my [document A] and [document B].)

So much for proving my English is at required standards…

70s David Bowie.

From Days of Being Wild Movie Collection 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Hong Kong (2011)


Fake posters by Satoshi Kon in Millennium Actress.