• I just finished 2 days of transition with my first class ever.  (I teach Year 3.)
  • On the whole, they’re fine. On the second day, we have achieved writing the date in full on one line in the top-right hand corner. Hoorah.
  • They have a misguided perception that I am not strict.  Or mean.  Or horrible.
  • I’ve spent a lot of my time getting the classroom ready and realising I need to make about 10 new files for everything (did you say I needed a reading log?) Thank goodness for teacher assistants.
  • The worst though is when you printed and labeled everything and one of the children show up and his surname is a completely different name. And another child has two surnames floating around. But no, she is the same person. Great.
  • I need to get ready to fly on Monday.  Geez.


Good Memories <3

Miss Chan

You’re the best!

Thank you for all you have done for us.

Full Time: Fading Images of the World Cup 

The World Cup produces a lot of this-and-then-this. But it’s a month whose rhythm is set to those sudden bursts of amazement. Like a clock that chimes left-footed volleys; like a clock that chimes sobbing in the rain. But when you string those moments together, when you knit them into a narrative — I don’t know. Sometimes the moment before the beginning seems more magical than the moment after the ending, because watching sports is a special way of experiencing time.

(Brian Phillips, Grantland)

You can also follow him at runofplay.  He also posts a link to his article on Grantland but it doesn’t feature this amazing photograph.



There’s no single lens that can clarify what that match felt like or what it meant. Invoking Neymar doesn’t explain it, because Neymar doesn’t stop goals. Invoking Scolari’s tactical shortcomings or Brazil’s talent deficit or Germany’s program-building doesn’t explain it, because we knew about all of those things before the match, and no one, absolutely no one, saw this coming. (If anyone tells you that they saw this coming, don your hard hat and adopt emergency mansplaining-survival protocols at once.) It was everything it was. Eventually people will sift through it, and figure out what mattered most to them, and it will become a story. But for now, the only way to think about it that isn’t fatally distorting is to be a little overwhelmed by it. Anything else is thinking you hear a melody when someone hit all the keys on the piano simultaneously.

Because here’s what Germany did to Brazil over two hours in Belo Horizonte. They produced something so staggering that it still feels irreducible. They left the soccer world functionally speechless. They broke metaphor. They stunned hundreds of millions of people.

That’s one of your World Cup finalists.

Last day as a student teacher. (⊙ω⊙)

In which the head held an impromptu assembly just to welcome me to the school in front of all the children and staff.  I was totally surprised.  It didn’t click that he was talking about me until half the children were turning around and looking at me.


01. Det & Ari - Butt You
02. Session Victim - Glow In The Dark
03. Jets - Sin Love with You
04. Love Edits - I Want to Know What Love Is
05. Tirzah - I’m Not Dancing [Joe Goddard Remix]
06. Mo Kolours - Mini Culcha [Beautiful Swimmers Remix]
07. HNNY - Mys
08. Tone Of Arc - Goodbye Horses [Prins Thomas Diskomiks & Dub]
09. Tensnake ft. Fiora - 58 BPM
10. Orchestre Kiam - Memi

To say I didn’t expect the outcome of today’s semifinal to be like this…is an understatement.  I was initially very worried for Brazil and that now also includes inexplicable sadness.  I was initially very conflicted about the game and am now still conflicted.

This has and continues to be a roller-coaster of insanity.  I hope I get my head back after tonight’s sleep.

Am I…a teacher???