Official lolitarandomcuteness Giveaway!

So happy I get to do this giveaway!!!!!!

1st Prize two winners one Baby the stars shine bright jsk each.

2nd Prize five winners one dreamy wig each.

3rd Prize two winners one Baby the stars shine bright bag each.

Official Giveaway Rules

There is only one eligibility restriction and that is no blogs set up solely for giveaways. For entry you need to tell me what is your favorite color is. The value of this giveaway is $743. The odds of winning are based by the number of entries.

This Giveaway is not associated, administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr. You are giving all and any of your information to me the owner of this blog lolitarandomcuteness. 

Only entries by individuals who are eighteen or older allowed.

This Giveaway is only open to the people who live in my country which is The United States of America.

Winner will be selected via random number generator.

Giveaway ends September 18 2012.

oh my god is it a bad thing i actually want a wig or a bag over a dress? :P

(and my favorite color is tiffany blue)

I’ll tryyyyy why not

my favorite color: black

Leslie, enter this and see if we can win some costume items! My favorite color is green.

My favorite color is probably black, but navy blue is also very nice. The color spectrum of shadows is probably a more realistic answer though.

Joining in! Favourite colour is blood orange red.

I’m really digging the craziness that is the bottom right dress.

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    i hate that this is over, argh! cerulean is my favorite color though lol
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    Pink is my favorite color! (I hope that counts…)
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